Naam: Ferry Fledderus

Stad: Drenthe

Muziekstijl: House, Progressive House, Trance

Demo: http://soundcloud.com/f-fact/spring-house-mix-f-fact


F-FACT, born in 1986 under the name of Ferry Fledderus, started playing Trance music at the age of 17. He was born in a little town called Staphorst in the North-East of Holland. Growing up he always listened to eurodance, rave and happy hardcore.

Later on the Goa Trance and Early Trance came into his life. For years he followed that scene and at the age of 17 he decided to play this style of music. From the age of 20 he started to build up his own studio with the money he earned. Here he produces his own tracks and works on collabs.